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Baja Navigator Map for Garmin GPS'sFugawi Map of America

Fugawi Global Navigator Software

An extremely powerful GPS software for managing, editing, and manipulating your routes & ours. Upload & download our guidebook CD routes from Fugawi to your GPS with a click of a finger (simple & accurate)!

Fugawi software is used to create the Baja GPS Guidebooks and comes highly recommended by the Lizard Lady. Fugawi offers support tech lines for step-by-step instructions when you need it! With these kinds of applications, CUSTOMER SERVICE REALLY COUNTS!!

What is Fugawi all about (in terms the novice can understand)?

Fugawi is a software loaded to your computer (PC). Then, connect your GPS to the PC to upload/download routes, waypoints, & tracklogs. For instance, you can use Fugawi to manage, edit, create new routes (by just clicking on a map), and view data on maps of your choice (fugawi offers Baja/Mex & US maps or you can scan maps of your choice and import them for use with Fugawi). You can do all this with our data from the Baja GPS Guidebooks too! We offer the guidebook routes on CD (i.e. Baja GPS Guidebook V1 Fugawi Routes CD), so you can easily upload the data to Fugawi, play with it and/or store, manipulate, view, or easily upload/download any routes you plan to use with just a click of a finger! It's fabulous and�easy to use with epic customer service for any question.

Now, Fugawi's descriptions:

Affordable, feature-packed software locates your exact position on land or sea. Fugawi software products provide powerful and easy to use tools to extend the features of almost any hand-held GPS. Whether you wish to transfer waypoints, routes and tracks from a GPS�to your computer, edit or manipulate your data or ours, view your position and course in real time on your computer (actually see yourself moving on the software), navigate or create routes with maps, or enjoy stunning 3D perspectives of your favorite topographic maps or nautical charts, Fugawi gets it done quickly and easily. Fugawi digital maps that are available on this site:
1. Baja & Mexico Mainland (1:500,000) easier to read

2. Baja & Mexico Mainland (1:250,000) more detail
3. Map of America (continental USA 1:1,000,000)
OR scan your own and import them to Fugawi! 


  • The ideal PC software tool for route planning, GPS programming, and real-time navigation (hook your GPS up to your PC and watch your current position move while you travel)

  • Store and upload/download routes, waypoint, and track files with a click of a finger

  • Use Fugawi maps or scan the map of your choice to use with Fugawi. Click on the map to create a string of waypoints and create the routes you wish & upload your new route for exploring areas you always dreamed of but didn't want to get lost

  • Also enjoy the included Fugawi PDA Edition for Windows Mobile or Pocket PC (Palm OS), stunning 3D map views, and much more

  • Discover Geocashing locations

  • View Garmin Topographic Maps Garmin IMG format topo maps are now supported (not Bluecharts). A wide variety of freely available third party topo maps can be downloaded from here. Overlay Garmin IMG maps on any other Fugawi supported raster or vector map such as a BSB chart, satellite image or air photo.

  • Upload Garmin Maps
    Unlocked Garmin IMG maps may be uploaded to a Garmin mapping GPS receiver.

  • Google Earth Maps
    Support for optional (and free) Fugawi Google Earth Plug-in.

  • GPS Auto Detection
    Fugawi will now auto detect a wide variety of GPS models when connected to the Serial or USB port.

  • Locked FX4 Maps
    Support added for raster FX4 maps locked with FX4 Locker.

  • Optional PathAway
    Support for optional PathAway GPS Software for Windows Mobile PDAs and Smartphones.

  • Vista
    Support for Microsoft Vista operating system

  • Computer Compatibility:

    • Microsoft Windows Vista or XP
    • 500 MHz processor or better
    • 256 MB RAM
    • 250 MB free on HD
    • CD Drive
    • DVD drive for Bonus Data Pack
    • 256 color display or better (graphics accelerator recommended for 3D viewing)
    • Mouse or other pointing device
    • Serial port for GPS receiver (will also work with PCMCIA serial port emulation or USB with serial adapter).
    • Included Fugawi PDA Edition supports Pocket PC 2003, Windows Mobile 5 and Palm OS" V5.x. (Refer to the PDA Compatibility Table.)
    • Software package does not contain GPS, cable, or handheld computer

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