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Get Lost: Baja Film

Ready for the wide open Baja off-road rush right from your living room? This film will put your mind and body on the best Baja routes available (check out the trailer). Grab a Negra, your helmet, and push play!

Get Lost: Baja Dirt Bike Film                         

I was mysteriously contacted one day by a movie producer from MotoVenture Films.  He was interested in a Baja motorcycle tour from tip to tail and said I came highly recommended.  He wanted to make a movie on adventure riding down south - totally off-road, camping, and with van support in only some locations.  Now that’s a Lizard Lady kind of Baja tour.  A contract was drawn and the next few months flew by until the riding posy, camera crew, producers, myself, and all our toys were stuffed in Beluga (my van) and a Sprinter.  What an amazing trip.  I couldn’t have asked for a better group of incredibly synergistic (and somewhat twisted) personalities. 


Stand ready Dust to Glory film lovers; I think this is the first Baja flick to capture the thrill of adventure riding Baja, Mexico.   There is no racing (other than against one-another); just pure camaraderie mixed with a ‘kid in a candy shop’ type bewilderedness look on each of their faces as we rode some of the best Baja routes while consuming the genuinely loving culture.  We rode long hot days, one after the other on a strict schedule, we got flats in the worst places, ran out of gas in the best places, and caught all kinds of carnage on film.  It was an amazing experience that will either teach you what you’re missing or give you that unique exhilaration you can only get on Baja trails while you’re watching this flick.  Grab a Negra Modelo, your helmet, and push play!

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