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Baja Navigator Map for Garmin GPS's

Baja & Mexico E32 Topo Map

The most detailed map of Baja, Copper Canyon, and mainland Mex.(uploadable to Garmin GPS). This map is available to PC and MAC users!!

  • The MAP E32 is a topographical map of Baja, Copper Canyon, and Mexico for uploading to Garmin GPS devices.  This map was designed with great focus on off-roading, dirt biking, 4x4, ADV, ATV, mountain biking, hiking, and other creative outdoor activities.  FIRST: Click here for a full list of compatible GPS devices for the E32.

    How it Works: This map includes only one license for one Garmin GPS with the option to buy a maximum of an additional two licenses. You can upload to an additional computer, no problem, but you must purchase extra GPS uploads if you are uploading to more than one GPS that you own.  Additional uploads are $35 (2 max).  The map is installed on the computer, then view the map on Mapsource or Basecamp, and then load it onto the Garmin device.  To upload the entire E32 Map of Baja & Mexico mainland, you need 700MB of built-in memory space.  To upload just the Baja portion of the E32 map, you need 50MB of space.  Check the amount of built-in memory and keep in mind that MB are smaller than GB.  If you choose to upload to external memory (a chip), you will need at least 1GB of memory for the entire map.

    CHOICES: You can purchase the download version (sent via email within 2 days) or the CD version (shipped from Colorado via USPS).  You must indicate which version you want in the notes section when purchasing or email this separately or it will come by email by default.  Once you have the map on your computer, you can choose if you would like to upload to inernal (built-in) memory or to the external memory (chip).   

    Details include contour lines every 30 meters, highways, roads, dirt roads, trails, railroad tracks, cities, towns, airports, hills, points of interest, rivers, state borders, lakes & dams, and best of all: gas stations! There are 250 cities on this map including Tijuana and Mexicali (making border crossings easier) as well as La Paz, Copper Canyon and Chihuahua.  The Map E32 also includes thousands of waypoints, such as towns, ranches, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, etc.  You can upload the entire map of Baja and Mainland Mexico, or just the sections you want. 

    Races: I am often asked about detailed maps for racing the SCORE Baja 1000, Baja 500, San Felipe 250, and now the NORRA Mexican 1000 races.  The Map E32 is the most detailed map option. It has the most complete dirt road, trail and road coverage of the Baja Peninsula and includes elevation contour lines every 30 meters for all of Baja.

    Warning:  While we personally use and enjoy referencing this map while navigating the GPS Guidebook Routes, we do not recommend scouting unknown properties with this map alone :). Safety first!  If you are traveling any roads or trails on this map that are not being navigated and fully described in the Baja GPS Guidebooks, there can be potential dangers including but not limited to illegal and malicious plantations, hostile private property owners, surprise/blind terrain hazards, and map inaccuracies causing gas range issues.  The Baja GPS Guidebook offers these kinds of important specifics; keeping you in the right places and out of trouble in a 3rd world country.    

    Features we like:
    1.    Very detailed road, back road, & Hwy information with topographical lines - 
            the most detailed you can purchase of this area
    2.    Most Pemex (Gas) Station locations
    3.    Hundreds of Banks, Restaurant & Hotel waypoints
    4.    Comes in a download version in case you need it today or on a hard copy CD
    5.    This map is available to PC and MAC users!!
    6.    You can upload the whole map or just Baja

    Specifications we feel are important:
  •   This map works on most Garmin units that communicate with Mapsource or
        Basecamp Software (see compatibility list link above)
      Basecamp software is a FREE download, click here: BASECAMP-PC or 
      Upload choices to memory or chip 
      Detailed topo lines for a more accurate perspective 

  • WARNING by the Map E32 Creators:
    Cartographia has worked to obtain maximum precision on the data contained in the E32. However, there could be accuracy error because of the methods used for processing the information.
  • These maps should only be used as a reference.
  • We take no responsibility for errors or omissions that the information in these maps may have.
  • The use of these maps is sole responsibility of each user.
  • These maps do not have auto-route.
  • If you don't agree with these terms, please don't obtain or use these maps.
  • It is automatically assumed when you obtain these maps that you accept the terms previously mentioned.