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National Geographic Baja North Map

At this point, you can just forget the AAA maps. National Geographic offers the best paper maps of north and south Baja out of tear-resistant & waterproof material.

Everyone has an overview copy of Baja Mexico.  Whether you frame it on your wall at home and/or keep it in your vehicle, this map always comes in handy.

Baja North covers from the boarder (with a small section of southern California included) to Guerro Negro.  There are awesome topo details like mountain regions, washes and other water spots, dry lake beds, and elevation.  Nat. Geo offers a scale of 1:450,000 with a latitude/longitude grid. 

I took a trip south in my van (Beluga) with surfboards and dirt bikes playing all the way to Cabo and back.  My AAA map was destroyed half way into the trip (from use & mis-use) as we drove our way from oasis to oasis.  The National Geographic map is ruggedly worthy.... crumple it up, smooth it back out, find it under your tools in the backseat - even spill a little Negra Modelo on it (or a lot)..... it cleans up nicely with no tears & minimal wear!