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Baja Navigator Map for Garmin GPS's Baja Navigator Map for Garmin GPS's
A Baja map that can be loaded straight to your GPS! Used with Garmin GPS's only, this basic Baja map is easy to use and totally affordable.
Bruce Ogilvie

Bruce Ogilvie, head of the Honda's race teams and one of the most accomplished legends in off-road, passed away April 13, 2009.  He was the support that gave the Baja GPS Guidebook its existence.  He was the first to honor our quest to guide off-road enthusiasts safely in Baja.  He gifted us 2 bikes each year for 4 years to explore and create GPS routes so others could retrace our tread accurately without getting lost in Baja.  After that, he gave us continued support by servicing and upgrading our own bikes.  If it were not for Bruce Ogilvie, the guidebook would definitely not exist.  His heart was giant and his mind was so astounding in so many arenas.  Learn more about his life and truly amazing accomplishments:  Bruce Ogilvie 1952-2009
It seems that all the best souls get to go first; God bless you Bruce!