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Safety is the most important part of your trip planning: choose your method of survival for the "just in case".

9505A Satellite Phone: Rent or Buy

$1 399.99
If you are using a Sat. phone for an emergency situation, Motorola's Iridium 9505A offers the most reliable satellite service and high quality calls globally & remotely. You want no other! 
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Baja Emergency Evacuation Annual Membership

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Emergency Bivvy

This 3.5 oz. bivvy is the perfect substitute for packing a sleeping bag. When the unforeseeable happens, you are always prepared for a warm night's sleep. Highly recommended. 
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Feild/Trama Medical Kit

This is an essential light weight Medical kit supporting basic medical needs for all sportsmen. 
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Snake Bite Kit

Baja is the land of the unexpected. Expect to see and avoid snakes in Baja. They are common. At least one person in your group should be carrying a snake bite kit. 
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Suture Kit

This suture kit contains the essentials for stitching deep wounds in an emergency situation. We recommended this medical kit for travel to Third World countries (especially doing sports such as off-road) or as an addition to any medical kit. 
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TerraFix 406 GPS I/O Emergency Beacon

This model comes with a GPS receiver built in; activate the beacon and TerraFix acquires GPS coordinates of your distress location and transmits a 5 watt message with your unique ID (UIN) so rescuers know who you are and where you are worldwide! 
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TerraFix 406 I Emergency Beacon

Connect this PLB to your GPS with a data cable to transmit a 5 watt message with your unique ID (UIN) so rescuers can verify your identification and track where you are for worldwide rescue! 
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Weekender Medical Kit

This comprehensive kit includes a variety of medical essentials for off-road bleeders, fractures, bruisers & more in an affordable organized package. 
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