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Here at Lizard Lady Pub., we pride ourselves in researching and understanding not just what are great products, but "the best" products that withstand our Baja torture testing.  Great products cost a lot of money and some just don't hold up to the deed (mechanically/style/usefulness/etc).  Check out what we offer for the best product recommendations at nice discount prices.

3.0L Water Bladder w/Handle

Don't go to Baja without proper hydration. This whopper sized bladder (3.0 liter/100 oz.) has zero residual taste, a rugged abrasion resistant body, and a sturdy handle keeping your bladder upright in your pack. 
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3.0L Water Bladder - Basic

A 3 Liter bladder (100 oz.) is the way to go in the desert. The body material on the basic bladder is stiff yet elastic, offering great strength with a 63mm opening for an easy fill. 
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5X7 Course Description Holder

An indispensable tool for easily reading the guidebooks' 5X7 Course Descriptions referenced while on the fly! 
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Draft BackPack

The Draft has just enough room for an overnight ride if you pack light or have saddle bags. It is versitile, light weight, and comes with a 2.0 liter water bladder with a magnetic clip, so you'll always have your hose where you want it. 
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Emergency Bivvy

This 3.5 oz. bivvy is the perfect substitute for packing a sleeping bag. When the unforeseeable happens, you are always prepared for a warm night's sleep. Highly recommended. 
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EOS LED Headlamp

You'd be surprised how many headlamps are misadvertised. After careful research, this EOS was bright and very strong for the buck while using less battery life! 
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Expedition Carabiner

Exceptionally light weight with a wide mouth to fit around gas jug handles securing them to your backpack or belt. 25kN strength allows you to use this carabiner for towing tasks as well. 
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Get Lost: Baja Film

Ready for the wide open Baja off-road rush right from your living room? This film will put your mind and body on the best Baja routes available (check out the trailer). Grab a Negra, your helmet, and push play! 
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Get Lost: Oregon

The adventures of riding Oregon are put together in a 2+ hour experience of a lifetime. Check it out. 
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GPS 12 Volt Hardwire Kit

If you want to power your GPS straight from your moto (alleviating using batteries in your GPS), hardwire it to your moto. This device alone will work on any bike that has a battery (electric starts, HID lights, etc.) A simple solution at a small price. 
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GPS Hardwire Power Converter 12 Volt

If your moto does not have a battery for hardwiring your GPS, this converter plus the hardwire kit will make it feasible for 12 Volt devices. 
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GPS Hardwire Power Converter 15 Volt

If your moto does not have a battery for hardwiring your GPS, this converter plus the hardwire kit will make it feasible for 15 Volt devices. 
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Saddle Bags - Giant Loop Coyote

No frames, light weight construction, heavy-duty material, no flapping, water-proof, and it's easy to use. Pack light and GL looks small or pack heavy and GL expands while remaining secure on the bike without drilling holes in your plastic. 
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Saddle Bags - Giant Loop Mojavi

Get the weight off your back: The Mojavi saddle bags are durable and streamline; you'll never notice they are on your bike while riding. These work great on single track. 
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