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Garmin Rino 650Montana Series RAM Mount

Garmin Rino 655T

Wins most unique award of the year: just like the Rino 650, but includes preloaded maps (100k US topo).

Now this model is a totally different bird all together!  I can't say enough about the Rino with all the well-rounded fully packed gismos:  20-mile radius radio. In testing this unit, we found it to be very impressive range; we were able to talk relatively clearly in mountainous areas too.  Beyond the communication radio, the Rino also allows you to send your partner its location for tracking - you can see your buddy right on your map screen, moving or stopped, so you can track their position.  The unit can transmit GPS waypoints as well as short 'texts' between them for aid in rescue or lost n' found, and has a schedule and alarm clock.  Along with all these features, you can tune into NOAA weather station for up-to-date weather in your area.  I like the software on the 650 much better than the other models - it is very comprehensive and easy to learn without reading the manual (love that).  I am extremely fond of the Rino 650 and if you have a partner to invest with this is a great purchase.  The ONLY issue with this model is the screen size (slightly smaller that the 78 series and not near the size of the Montana). 

Rino 650T has Built in memory of 4.5GB (crazy big) for the heavy map user, it has the camera (kinda cool for documenting entrances on your routes, etc.), and has the preloaded map 100k US already loaded and ready for domestic use.  This baby is packed with all kinds of love!

  • Rino 655t
  • Lithium-ion battery pack
  • USB cable
  • AC charger
  • Carabiner clip
  • Manuals

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