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Snake Bite Kit

Baja is the land of the unexpected. Expect to see and avoid snakes in Baja. They are common. At least one person in your group should be carrying a snake bite kit.

Has anyone seen a rattler in Baja? I've seen many. Being a reptilian lover myself, I avoid, at all cost, from running them over while they love to lounge in the hot sun across the very back roads we travel. They hide in bushes and under rocks where you may be sleeping, but typically only strike when they feel threatened.

If you see a snake, freeze and be still without a blink or talking to others. This should be a sign to your partners that there is a snake near you. After a few minutes, if the snake is not showing signs of alert, rattling, or staring then back away very slowly, softly, and without noice. Do not back away if any of those three signs exist. If you are perfectly still & quite, the snake typically settles down.

In the event that someone does get bit, this kit can save that life.

Included in the 1oz. kit:

  • Detailed instructions (pre-reading helps in a stressful situation)
  • 3 pliable suction cups
  • Easy to use with one hand lymph constrictor
  • scalpel
  • antiseptic swab

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