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3.0L Water Bladder - Basic

3.0L Water Bladder w/Handle

Don't go to Baja without proper hydration. This whopper sized bladder (3.0 liter/100 oz.) has zero residual taste, a rugged abrasion resistant body, and a sturdy handle keeping your bladder upright in your pack.

Give yourself the option to carry up to 3 liters of water (100 oz.); when in Baja, more water is better than less.

This is the bomber bladder made Baja tough. The body material has a special cast structure that will not tear or crack, even in extreme conditions.  Built to assure taste and odor free hydration with superior abrasion resistance. The sturdy handle allows you to hold & fill with ease and even better keeps the bladder from falling/twisting in the backpack. This thing rocks and I love making every bit of anything but riding easy (kinda like the XR Ride Up in Volume 1). It seems like a simple product: a water bladder, but there are many extras here for a sweet price.

We also offer a compatible bite-me valve with magnetic clip that keeps the hose in a handy spot so you never have to search for it on the fly!