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Draft BackPack

The Draft has just enough room for an overnight ride if you pack light or have saddle bags. It is versitile, light weight, and comes with a 2.0 liter water bladder with a magnetic clip, so you'll always have your hose where you want it.

Black/Gray only available

Volume: 365 Cu. in.

Color: Black / Gray

Perfect for an overnight ride or less, this pack is simple, light, offers a 2.0 liter water baldder (large size for this pack) with a magnetic clip to position the hose in an easy to find place while on the fly (included).

It has 2 compartments:

1 large top zipper where the bladder also resides. In this compartment, you can fit: nylon sweats, t-shirt, and nylon shorts.

1 smaller pocket back pocket: small first aid, knife, headlight, few toiletries, and a little extra room for more. This compartment also has 2 clips at the top of the bag that expand allowing for a gas jug to be placed between the pocket and backpack & sinched securely. A carabiner comes in handy for securing the jug to your pack (like a real short leash so you don't loose your jug on a hard bounce).

Other Features:

MP3 pocket with headphone exit

Breathable mesh backing

Window for checking water level

Bungee straps (for sandals or a jacket to be strapped to the outside of the pack)

Comfortable shoulder straps

Waist & chest stap

U-Shapped back of neck so your helmet does not get caught on the pack

2 small pouches on either side

If you are looking for a smaller pack for day rides with no bulk, but want to at least have enough room to pack for a light over-night or use this pack in conjunction with saddle bags, the Draft was made for you.