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Get Lost: OregonGPS Hardwire Power Converter 12 Volt

GPS 12 Volt Hardwire Kit

If you want to power your GPS straight from your moto (alleviating using batteries in your GPS), hardwire it to your moto. This device alone will work on any bike that has a battery (electric starts, HID lights, etc.) A simple solution at a small price.

This kit contains everything you need to connect your Garmin GPS to your motorcycle: a 12V power cord (5.5 ft long), battery terminal connectors, a blade-type fuse kit with two 2A fuses, a cap for the plug, and a small container of dielectric grease.

You need to have a battery on your moto to use this kit without a converter(i.e. if you have an electric start or HID kit, you have a battery). If you do not have a battery on your moto and still want to hardwire, you will need this kit plus a Power Converter.

The hardwire kit is compatible with the following Garmin GPS Units:

  • GPSMAP 60, 60C, 60CS, 60Cx, 60CSx
  • GPSMAP 76, 76S, 76C, 76CS, 76Cx, 76CSx
  • GPS II, II+, III, III+, V
  • GPS12XL, 12MAP, 12CX (not GPS12)
  • GPS 60, 72, 76
  • GPSMAP 96, 96C
  • GPSMAP 176, 176C, 196
  • StreetPilot, StreetPilot Color
  • StreetPilot III
  • *We recommend keeping one set of new batteries in the GPS. This way if you need to use the GPS off your moto, you can walk & use it. This also allows for endos that possibly damages your set up (not too typical). We're always thinking ahead.

    *Hardwiring also helps eleminate the frustration of the 'Giggle Effect'