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GPS 12 Volt Hardwire KitGPS Hardwire Power Converter 15 Volt

GPS Hardwire Power Converter 12 Volt

If your moto does not have a battery for hardwiring your GPS, this converter plus the hardwire kit will make it feasible for 12 Volt devices.

Many bikes only run a headlight and tail light with 12 volt AC (no battery). This 12 Volt Power Converter can be retrofitted: it uses a regulator, rectifier, and capacitor unit. This has a slightly higher current output.

Be sure to verify that the input requirements for your GPS allows for 11.5vDC input at 200mA (= 2.4Watts). Click here if you need a 15 Volt Version

NOTE: Most handheld GPSs require less than 2.4 watts. But for example, the Garmin GPS276C input requirements (~10W) are substantially higher than this unit's output.

  • Weight: just 45g
  • Input voltage 4.5 - 40V DC or max. 25V AC
  • Output voltage 12V DC, max. 200mA
  • box dimensions: 3 X 2 X .75 inches