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GPS Hardwire Power Converter 12 VoltSaddle Bags - Giant Loop Coyote

GPS Hardwire Power Converter 15 Volt

If your moto does not have a battery for hardwiring your GPS, this converter plus the hardwire kit will make it feasible for 15 Volt devices.

Many dirt bikes have a very simple electrical system to reduce weight. Many run only a headlight and tail light with12vAC (no battery). These systems can be suitable to charge a battery by the simple addition of a regulator / rectifier. Just like the 12 volt Power Converter, this system is designed for 15 Volts (please check your GPS specifications). Click here if your unit needs a 12 Volt Power Converter.

  • Weight: just 45g
  • Input voltage 4.5 - 40V DC or max. 25V AC
  • Output voltage 15V DC, max. 160mA
  • box dimensions: 3 X 2 X .75 inches