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3.0L Water Bladder w/Handle5X7 Course Description Holder

3.0L Water Bladder - Basic

A 3 Liter bladder (100 oz.) is the way to go in the desert. The body material on the basic bladder is stiff yet elastic, offering great strength with a 63mm opening for an easy fill.

This water bladder offers the same most important basic features such as:

  • Tough body construction
  • High-modulus stiff material & with low-modulus elastic material (saturated polymers)
  • Super clean ployethylene (absorbing strength)
  • Rapid & easy fill cap with a 63mm

A great water bladder that you can fill up with 3 Liters of water (that's 100 oz.).  It's strong, simple, and can be used as a desert tanker or be filled for the appropriate days' rations.

We also offer the 3L Water Bladder w/Handle including a few extra bells & whistles.