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PRE-Pay Sat. Airtime 3000 Min/2 YearsPRE-Pay Sat. Airtime 5000 Min/2 Years

PRE-Pay Sat. Airtime 500 Min/1 Year

PRE-Pay and get 500 minutes of Satellite Phone airtime for a full year.

Satellite Phone Owners can PRE-Pay500 minutesexpiring in1Year

(when you purchase this product, a SIM Card is shipped with your minutes)

ADD 30 DAYS to your Expire date for $39.99

ADD 50 minutes to your plan (Expire date remains the same) $84.99

Calls are debited in 20 second increments; including calls to landlines, cell phones, and inbound calls using the two stage dialing platform.

When making Iridium-to-Iridium calls, calls are debited at half the rate of an Iridium-to-Landline call (Example: If a user were to exclusively

make Iridium-to-Iridium calls, a 500-minute plan would actually produce 1000 minutes (2X the minutes) for the satellite user).

Unused minutes are forfeited upon expiration. Card is permanently deactivated 90 days after expiry if not recharged. Expiry dates are

cumulative up to 2 years.

Outgoing SMS (i.e. text messaging) are debited in 20 second increments, for qualifying prepaid plans.

FREE Services: Voicemail, Call Forwarding to voicemail, Call Barring and Incoming SMS. NO ACTIVATION FEES!

Remaining minutes are announced before each call made. To query minutes: Use toll free number 2888 from Iridium satellite phone.

Calls made to another satellite networks (i.e. Inmarsat, Thuraya, etc...) are charged $9.99 per min. Exclusive of this rule are calls to Globalstar

units; these calls are billed at the standard ISU to PSTN rate.

No Roaming " Completely Global " Anytime/Anywhere Minutes " No Charge for Incoming Calls

All prepaid pricing plans subject to change.

All service plans are subject to applicable taxes.

All changes to service incur a fee of $25

Please allow a minimum of three business days for processing of orders.

Rush options available: email us from Contact>Email on the top menu

Replacement SIM cards are $50 each (A SIM card will be shipped to you with your PRE-paid minutes for use with your Sat. phone)