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POST-Pay CP20+ $1.20POST-Pay WP1 $1.20

POST-Pay E1 Monthly $1.68

This POST-Pay Plan has a 1-time activation fee of $50 plus $33.95 per month totaling $85.95. Then, your airtime costs $1.68 per minute.

Calls are rounded up to the next minute.

Minimum 1 year contract required with CP, E1, WP1 and HP Plans, Minimum 2 year contract required with BIG SHOT plan. Early

termination and service change fees apply.

All plans except the E1 and WP1 plans include voicemail and SMS messaging services. Add an additional $9.95 per month for voicemail and SMS services.

Incoming SMS are at no cost to the Iridium service subscriber. Qualifying monthly plans are charged an additional $0.50 per outgoing SMS (i.e. text messaging).

Call forwarding and call barring included with all plans.

Calls made to another satellite networks (i.e. Inmarsat, Thuraya, etc...) are charged $9.99 per min. Exclusive of this rule are calls to Globalstar units; these calls are billed at the standard ISU to PSTN rate.

With the HP plan, elect to "hibernate" your phone for one consecutive period of up to six months. The fee to hibernate your monthly service is $90. You must submit hibernation date request in writing to WCC. Hibernation will automatically cease six months after initial hibernation date and monthly service will begin again. You can cancel hibernation earlier than the six month time frame. No rebates are given for "waking up" early. Please always allow two business days for all requests.

All monthly pricing plans are subject to change

All service plans are subject to applicable taxes.

Please allow two business days for processing of orders

Rush options available.

All changes to service will incur a fee of $25

Replacement SIM cards are $50 each

Options for contacting a Satellite Phone:

Two Stage None $1.60 1 480 768 2500

+1 Access $6.85 $1.44 1 480 xxx xxxx

Calls made using the direct dial option (881x xxx xxxxx) are paid for by the

person making the call at their international calling rate

881 is a virtual country code for Iridium based satellite units

Calls made using the two stage or +1 Access service are paid for by the Iridium

satellite subscriber

Each SIM card will be assigned a 12-digit Iridium telephone number; accounts

with +1 Access will also be assigned a domestic number based within the Arizona

area code 480